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Hack Progress #3 – Zebra stripes

May 29, 2009


Zebra stripes

New Hack Progress: Zebra stripes An amazing improvement: Zebra stripes showing the overexposed areas of the scene while recording video (not recorded in the real video file) Some Questions… – If an only-person effort made this almost possible (still not available for people’s use but already running properly) along with Onscreen Audio metering bar and […]

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HACK in Progress #2 – Onscreen Audio Meter

May 25, 2009


Onscreen Audio Meter

Onscreen Audio Meter Another step in the process. This time really amazing: “we’re running our own code on the camera and showing that we can add new features to it.” Big efforts, lot of hard work being done. Links:

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Hack in Progress #1 – AGC disabled Firmware

May 16, 2009



HACK in Progress #1 AGC disabled firmware Thanks to the hard work of a member who got tired of waiting for Canon responses and actions, there is some progress in the process of disabling firmware locked functions. This is just the beginning. The demand for this Firmware Update is HUGE; what is Canon thinking in […]

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