Hack in Progress #1 – AGC disabled Firmware

HACK in Progress #1

AGC disabled firmware


Thanks to the hard work of a member who got tired of waiting for Canon responses and actions, there is some progress in the process of disabling firmware locked functions. This is just the beginning.

The demand for this Firmware Update is HUGE; what is Canon thinking in ignoring it?

Is Canon waiting for Nikon to make an announcement, and then follow them…?


Editorial comment:

Canon showing themselves as a face-less company (regarding to this matter), remaining in complete silence without any CLEAR word, but telling to be “listening to customers”… what kind of behaviour of a respectable company is that?

They should show more respect to their customers, who invested thousands of dollars in equipment over the years and decades.

Canon loose not giving even an answer to what thousands of customers have requested to them.

Customers are not married with a company, and attitudes like this only helps to drop loyalty and credibility.

Japanese companies SHOULD listen more, watch more, and take MORE care of customer’s feedback and requests.

Arrogance can be a very big mistake.

Thanks a lot to this member and everyone else for the hard work and efforts in every direction to give us FULL MANUAL CONTROL in video mode for EOS 5D Mark II.

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