EOS 5D Mark II Features Request


  • Introduction
  • List of Features Requested
  • List of Additional Filmmaking features
  • The importance of Standard frame rates
  • Information & Testimonials
  • Can I help?


This is a list of improvements that have been requested since months ago by lot (thousands) of customers around the world. Please check “I Called Canon” and previous posts to see testimonials and procedure.

Some improvements could be more difficult or hard to achieve due “possible” hardware limitations, but others are really easy for Canon.

This Campaign has reached Canon departments in the past for the Manual Control request, and now is reaching them again for improvements that are possible to this camera and VERY important for Film makers.

Most (if not all) of these features CAN be implemented via Firmware Update, and that means: no big costs to Canon at all.  “Refreshing” this camera and keeping big sales and profit on an already designed and already in-production model, keeping it more competitive (especially important when competition arrives) is a big deal, isn’t it?

Doing so would reflect in: more sales, but also more loyalty to Canon, more credibility, then more long-term profit for the company.

The more customers requesting, the more chances (check Info & Testimonial).

As someone said:

“ If Canon want to maintain customer loyalty people need to know when they purchase a Canon product they are going to be looked after. If I knew Canon would add if possible any features wanted by customers, I’d buy Canon EVERYTIME. ”


Frame Rates as in 7D < Done
29.97 / 25 / 23.976 fps: STANDARD 30/25/24p video modes.

720p mode at 29.97 fps
It will allow LONGER video recording time before reaching the 4GB file size limit.

Improve AF contrast detection algorithm and/or add Focusing Aids
Magic Lantern has done a lot on this, and proven it is extremely useful, even essential. See additional Filmmaking features.

Digital Zoom Video mode
To record on video a smaller area of the sensor as “digital zoom”. Very useful.

1:1 Crop Sensor Video mode
To record a native 1920×1080 area of the sensor, which extremely minimizes “jello” effect and eliminates aliasing issues/artifacts. This is possible in a similar way how Zoom level x5 and x10 works, but recording on video what you see on screen. This function could be part of the above one.

720p mode at 59.94 and 50 fps X Removed from final release 2.0.3

File Spanning function
A new video file is automatically created when 4GB is reached without stop recording. Very important for lot of users.

“EDIT” option in playback mode (for Video mode)
This would allow Cut and Save part of recorded video clip. It is available on 7D and much cheaper P&S cameras.

Noise Pattern Bug/Issue (Stills and Video mode)
FIX. Noise pattern/banding visible on shadows at high (and not so high) ISO.

More frames in Bracketing mode
For still photography. Very easy to fix.

Auto ISO in Manual mode
For still photography, improved and with selectable limits.

REMAP” hot & stuck pixels function – Especially important for Video Mode!
This will save Canon Technical Support LOT of money and time. It is an essential feature. We still don’t understand why it wasn’t already implemented.

Full HD through HDMI output while recording

Live Histogram for video mode   < Done

Remote Start/Stop video recording using cable release (if hardware possible)

Audio Manual Gain for video recording   < Done
FIX. Very easy, and essential for acceptable audio recording.

LIST of additional FILMMAKING features

Hugely demanded and used (until now only via Magic Lantern)

• Control of focus
• Peaking, false-color and edge detection on LCD
• Focus Assistance
• Focus rack
• Focus stacking
• Zebra stripes (video peaking)
• On-screen audio meters

… and LOT more features that has already been proven to be possible (and VERY useful) by Magic Lantern Project.

They are helping thousands of users on filmmaking jobs
, and Canon could do even a better implementation of them via Firmware update. That would be another BIG BANG to keep big sales on this great camera.

Focus Assistance System / Focus Detection Area
It would tell (in LiveView mode, and in real time if possible) when a specific area of the frame is in focus or not. This feature would be very helpful and very much appreciated by filmmakers.

Magic Lantern’s New Features Request:  Check them here, you will get very good and creative ideas on new features.

  • We hope Canon consider all these features very seriously to be implemented via Firmware update, because they ARE possible and they ARE VERY IMPORTANT for Film Making jobs (Nikon could do it before indeed…)


EDIT: This is corrected with Firmware version 2.0.3 released on March, 2010.

Until now the 5D Mark II has not even a single frame rate compatible with any other video camera made by Canon, 7D included! That’s why we request the standard 29.97 fps too.

We hope that Canon is now aware of what this unique camera has started: a revolution in DSLRs, and the huge importance it has for professionals who already adopted it (along with lot of expensive full frame lenses) for serious videography and filmmaking jobs.


See by yourself, this is HUGE, you are NOT alone:

(*) Web in japanese, you can use online translators, although results might be not very clear. It was translated by japanese people and sent to us. This is only a paragraph:

“24fps and 60fps were made possible (on the 7D) not because of dual DIGIG 4, actually a single DIGIC 4 can handle 24fps and 60fps.”


Absolutely! You CAN help. Community efforts DO bring results, like in the “Manual Control” request campaign.

Just check “I Called Canon” and the links above to see the procedure, more information, some experiences and testimonials.

EVERY effort by every individual or group in the right way is VERY important and valuable, and will benefit all users. But remember that only online complains are not enough.

That’s the way this works.

Last update: March, 2010.


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