Magic Lantern – 10 Questions

There is a VERY interesting interview to the leader of Magic Lantern Project, posted on November 1st at Cinema5D, that is really worth reading.

Please check it here: 10 Questions with Magic Lantern’s Trammell Hudson

Some quotes from it:

It would really please me if Canon incorporated all of the features from Magic Lantern into their firmware.


“Perhaps they hadn’t considered the filmmaking market for the DSLR form-factor. In any event, Magic Lantern brings the ability to add these features to the user, not just the manufacturer.”


“The 5D is a great camera and I hope that my project helps Canon sell more 5D camera bodies. We’re not in competition, despite the rhetoric on some of the forums: Canon has created an incredible camera and I’m really pleased to be able to add some measure of additional value to it. The fact that they have added manual exposure control and will be adding 24/25p frame rates indicates that they are engaged with their user base and that they are working to improve the cameras that have already been sold.”


It would be great if Canon would provide some documentation to make this easier (…)”

If you are interested on this project and/or in what CAN be improved on Canon 5D Mark II and 7D, please consider supporting us. It will certainly benefit all users.

We are acting as Community, your are not alone and your help is VERY valuable.

It can be provided in many ways. One is Calling Canon and registering your Features Request for the 5D Mark II and/or 7D. Please check the Features Request List that has been written as reference by lot of 5D Mark II users.

Another way is supporting Magic Lantern Project.

You can of course do both things 😉

We sincerely hope that Canon take a deep look on what the huge Community of Photographers and Filmmakers are requesting all around the world, and release so many improvements that can really be implemented via Firmware Update with minimal costs.

That will not only improve their own product line and make it more competitive and versatile, but also keep big sales on existing models, and that is a great deal from a business point of view.

It is MUCH cheaper to exploit the inner capabilities of an already designed and already in-production camera, than making a new whole design with its respective firmware and all the process it implies. The costs between both actions have no comparison, the difference is astronomical.

Additionally, if customers see that Canon is engaged with their users to improve the existing cameras, exploiting their huge potential, then they will certainly increase their LOYALTY to the brand. And that is a KEY factor for the long-term company profit, especially in the high competitive market of DSLRs.

As some reader and customer said:

“If Canon want to maintain customer loyalty people need to know when they purchase a Canon product they are going to be looked after. If I knew Canon would add if possible any features wanted by customers, I’d buy Canon EVERYTIME.”

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