5D Mark II gets 720p60 Mode

According to this Canon Workshop, the 5D Mark II will get 720p60 video mode:

Createasphere – Canon Intensive Workshop – Canon EOS HD Video:
Shoot, Post and Deliver – Playback  (source: www.cameradeparment.tv)

Pay special attention to what they say and show on the video at ~ 5:00.

If Canon is interested to “compete” with RED, then Canon must include even more “Film making” Features in their current line of DSLRs with Full HD capabilities. And that’s completely possible via Firmwar Update.

Control of focus and bracketing, Focus Assistance, Focus rack, Zebra stripes (video peaking), Manual gain control (audio), On-screen audio meters, and LOT more features and improvements have already been proven to be possible by Magic Lantern.

Not to mention the big chance that Canon has to improve the AF algorithm in Live View mode (contrast detection Auto Focus), AND even the implementation of “Focus Assistance system” or “Focus Detection Area” which could tell when a specific area of the frame is in focus or not.


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