Modding 5D Mark II – PL Mount (1)


  • Disassembling & Modding 5D Mark II – PL Mount
  • Pictures
  • Additional Comments & Part #2



Did you ever wonder what a Canon 5D Mark II looks like inside?

This article will show you some impressive images you would probably not ever see unless your camera is broken, or you get really mad after a “very bad day” and you attack your valuable camera with irrational fury 😉 (even in such case you wouldn’t see some of these amazing pictures that are part of a professional work).

This is the work of Patrick Tong, a skilled person who modified a 5D Mark II.

The purpose: to make it support PL mount lens.

The whole process of disassembling, modifying and reassembling took him one working day (really fast!!). The main goal was to remove the mirror and cut some parts on both sides of the mirror box to make it bigger.

After reading and watching these images you will probably ask: “Does the camera still work?”. The answer is Yes!

You will see the work was organized and professional. It is not recommended for any person who doesn’t really know what he/she is doing.

Our special thanks to Patrick Tong, who performed this impressive work and provided us these images to share with you.

Since there are too many images we’ll post them in two separated articles. Check additional comments at bottom.



One important comment made by Patrick: only 85mm/100mm/135mm cine lenses will work properly on the modified 5D Mark II (because the sensor is 36mm x 24mm ). Many wide angle cine lenses would show vignetting; e.g. 16/18/24/32/40/50mm. Of course you could use them, but you would need to “crop” the image.

Check our blog again in few days to see “Modding 5D Mark II – PL Mount – Part #2“. In the next article you will find even more detailed pictures and the final result.

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