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The english user manual for the new Canon EOS 60D is now available for download. You will notice that there is no AF microadjust in the manual.

Download it from here:  Canon EOS 60D Manual (.PDF)

This camera looks very promising indeed, and great to use as a second body or complementary to the 5D Mark II (keeping in mind the 60D is a crop sensor HDSLR).

Despite the AF micro adjustment is not necessary at all for movie recording, we hope a firmware update will add this feature for still shooters.


The new Canon EOS 60D seems to be a very promising camera for the entry-level segment, and even as a second body for many serious amateurs or professionals.

Canon Rumors has posted today an article about something we do also support and want to share with the Canon community:

The 60D Needs AF Microadjustment

No Microadjustment in the 60D

I just learned today that there is no AF microadjustment in the 60D. There is a great thread on the forum about it.



Read more here.


As with every Canon DSLR we encourage all users to request to Canon to give the full potential of their cameras to their customers.

You will find the Canon contact information on the sticky post at the main page of this blog.

We support all possible improvements that CAN be achieved via Firmware Updates, like lot more that are still possible to the Canon 5D Mark II and the rest of the HDSLR line (check Canon Firmware Updates). Some features are essential, and many are even very easy to implement.

Soon we’ll publish an article based on a very interesting comment posted by a reader. Stay tuned.


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