“A Life Through Signatures” – 2011 Cannes Young Lions Film Competition

A Life Through Signatures - 2011 Cannes Lions Film Competition

“A Life Through Signatures”

Chris Leising and Ben Majoy, currently working in Boulder, CO, have recently submitted a short to participate in The Young Lions Film Competition, held in Cannes during the Festival week.

Guess what? It was shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

But the most important thing is that the competition is aimed to help a charity organization, this time to Save the Children.

Competitors had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a commercial up to 60 seconds in length.

Since this is for a very good cause, we decided to support and spread the news.

The Short

YouTube link.

Sign the Petition

Since early 2009, we have been supporting campaigns to encourage people to sign petitions to request features and improvements to Canon Inc. Just some days ago we posted an e-mail address provided by Canon USA to send features requests, check our article FEATURES REQUEST: HOW to tell Canon what YOU need!

This time we encourage people to do something much more important: to help children.

– Here is where you can sign: www.savethechildren.org/invest-in-health

“We came to the idea that “practice makes perfect.” We’ve had all this practice signing meaningless documents, why not finally use it for something valuable? “.

Please check the petition and sign it, it will only take few minutes.

Some information of the competition

Contest details can be found here. The specifications for the video can be found here.

The Film Details:

  • Develop a short video (30 seconds – 1minute) encouraging people to sign an online petition that asks world leaders to fulfill their commitment to improving the health of mothers and children around the world by investing in the training and support of more skilled health workers.
  • Your video should motivate your audience to take action by (1) signing our petition to world leaders calling for investment in the training and support of skilled health workers who can deliver life saving care, and (2) pass on the film to others to create a global movement of people who support frontline health workers.
  • In particular, it would be helpful for you to draw attention to the need for more frontline/local health workers who can provide basic health care to mothers and children to improve health and save lives in the communities where the need is greatest. (This is not about doctors from developed countries parachuting in to help!)
  • The film should promote Save the Children’s global campaign to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths (See where the good goes™) and the campaign website (www.goodgoes.org). This campaign highlights the role of the frontline health worker in helping save the lives of millions of mothers, newborns and children who may otherwise die of preventable and treatable causes.

Comments by the authors

Chris Leising told us:

I shot it on a Canon 5D Mark 2, and edited it in Final Cut. I used two different types of lenses. The main one I used was a Nikon 28mm f2.8 that I attached with an adaptor ring. The other lens was a lensbaby composer. It was all handheld…with the strap pulled taut around my neck, and my elbows pressed into my torso to steady the camera.

We were briefed late night from Cannes as to what charity/organization our spot should be for: savethechildren.org.

Ben and I began tossing ideas back and forth. We went onto the savethechildren’s website, signed the petition, read up on their campaign, watched the video brief from Cannes until we had a solid sense of what the campaign was trying to accomplish, and what the video called for.

It was clear to us that the big thing of the charity’s campaign was that this petition needed signatures. Our spot had to – as the brief states – “mobilize people to sign an online petition to world leaders so (they) can invest in training frontline health workers” so that children no longer die from easily treatable diseases like diarrhea.

From the beginning we knew we didn’t want to employ manipulative imagery or statistics. We came upon the idea of this: from early on, we’re taught to sign our name…our identity mark. As we grow, that signature evolves and mutates…we carve it in trees next to hearts and the names of those we love, we tag it in spray paint, write it on bathroom walls, and even attempt to spell out a few letters after several beers while peeing. And what about all those checks and certificates and credit card receipts we sign each and every day without ever thinking?

We came to the idea that “practice makes perfect.” We’ve had all this practice signing meaningless documents, why not finally use it for something valuable?

Please sign the petition and spread the news. Thank you very much!

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