RGrain: Film grain clips to make Digital Video look like Film

Rgrain 35mm 250D

UPDATE – March 4, 2012: RGrain is offering a new pack: “Super 8mm Package” at $30. Please check www.RGrain.com for more details.

UPDATE – February 27, 2012: RGrain is offering “Instant Vintage” Bonus Plate. It will be available until March 15th. Please check www.Rgrain.com for more details.

Rgrain (www.rgrain.com) just released a package of seven film grain clips to overlay onto your digital footage to make it look like real filmstock.

The package consists of seven 1080p high-quality ProRes 422 one minute loops of 35mm, 16mm and 8mm ultra-realistic film stock emulations. It also includes a set of 8 aspect ratio hard mattes in PNG 24 format to help you frame your shots. Just place them on top of your footage in your NLE and start editing.

Why to use it

Adding film grain to your video projects can really help smooth out the digital harshness and bring a real nice organic feel to your videos even with just a small amount.

How to use it

The film grain is really easy to apply and any NLE or compositing software with “blending” or “transfer” modes will work. You just need to drag a film grain plate on top of your footage and set that clip to “Overlay”. You can then adjust the amount of film grain by lowering the clip or track opacity. According to Rgrain they designed the plates so that they do not alter the luminance or colors of your footage, only the film grain is applied.

Besides many tutorials, the developers also provide a Quick Reference Guide.


According to the developers one of the benefits of Rgrain is that their plates are not full of dirt, streaks, hairs etc… Each film stock grain structure, grain motion behavior and chroma is replicated as closely as possible to the real thing but without the film damage so your footage stays clean but now feels more like film. They do however have 16mm and Super 8mm plates that have moderate film damage.


Rgrain have made tutorials for users of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. They are very easy to follow. Click HERE to check the tutorials.


The introductory price for the whole package is only $60 and is delivered digitally. An amazing value in our opinion.

Product highlights

From the developers’ website:

  • Seven 1080p ProRes 422 film grain plates at 23.976 fps (Each clip loops for 30 sec.)
  • 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm ultra-realistic film stock emulations
  • Looks and feels like the real thing
  • Includes a set of 8 aspect ratio hard mattes (PNG 24)
  • Removes the digital “plastic” look
  • Easy to use. No time consuming plugins to render
  • NO luminance or color shift to your footage when applying film grain
  • Smooth and natural flicker
  • Clean and dirt free plates unlike other film grain packages (Note: The “Super 8mm Nostalgia” and “16mm Old Stock” do have moderate damage)
  • Helps in dithering gradient banding. Better-looking compression on video-sharing sites
  • Works with all professional NLE and compositing suites
  • Great for special effect work / compositing
  • NO licensing fees. Use Rgrain on any projects, anytime
  • More affordable than other “real scanned film grain plates”—and Rgrain looks just as good!
  • Best of all, fool people into thinking you are really shooting film


Color Graded Shots With Rgrain demo:

Rgrain Hard Matte Demo:

If you’re reading this article via Feedburner, please check the examples at www.rgrain.com/examples/

For more examples and further information please check www.rgrain.com.

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