EXTENDED: Canon Double Instant Rebates until July 28!

The promotion was extended. If you missed it, there is another chance!

Canon USA has extended the promotion offering “Double Instant Rebate” on lot of lenses and flashes until July 28, 2012.

If you buy any qualifying lens or flash with a qualifying camera you get the “double” instant rebate. But even if you only buy a lens or flash, you get an important instant rebate.

So far, this is the biggest Canon Rebates of 2012. It’s great time to purchase and save money!

Qualifying cameras include: EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and EOS 60D.

Check this Special Page at B&H to know complete possible combinations or click on any individual lens or speedlite from the list below.

Note: If you buy any of these lenses or flashes with a camera at the same time, the following rebate amount will double:

EF-S Zooms: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

EF Prime: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

EF Zooms: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

EF Macro: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

EF Tilt Shift: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

Teleconverters: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

Speedlites: (Rebate Amount) B&H Price

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