*EXTENDED* Film Grain: RGrain Summer Promotion – 30% Off

UPDATE – July 16, 2012: We have been notified by Rgrain that this promotion was extended until July 20th!

In the past months we have posted about Rgrain, a very cool and also very affordable product that gives you the ability to easily add realistic film grain to your digital footage.

You can read the original article with video examples and more details here: Rgrain – Film grain clips to make Digital Video look like Film. It’s worth mentioning that grain is very different than noise (more on this below).

Complete Pack Bundle & Summer Promotion

Rgrain has been expanding their line of products and is now offering a Summer Promotion with 30% off on “Rgrain Standard” and “Complete Pack” bundle, making them a real bargain. The promotion is valid until July 15th.

Rgrain “Complete Pack” is their latest release, which includes every Rgrain packages plus three “Micro Dirt” loops for those who want to add more damage to their videos.

If you take advantage of the Summer Promotion, this would be by far the best choice since you’re getting everything for $69. It’s an amazing value in our opinion.

Video Overview of Rgrain Complete Pack

As explained in the video, Rgrain offers realistic film grain plates in 1080p ProRes 422 format that can be used in most modern NLE software likeĀ Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, etc. It can be used onto any digital footage, no matter the camera brand or type.

The beauty of this product is not only the great and realistic result you get, but also the ease of use and very fast render time (lot faster than any plug-in) since you’re simply blending two video layers.

Please visit www.rgrain.com for a complete list of products.

Why Adding Film Grain to Digital Footage?

This is a very important point that not everyone clearly understand. Many HDSLR shooters confuse grain with noise, but in fact they’re completely different.

Adding film grain can do a lot more than just make your videos look like film. It also helps with dithering smooth gradients improving the quality of your videos on video sharing websites like Vimeo. It also helps removing the sharp digital video look by adding a subtle and organic feel to your video projects.

Rgrain made this nice video demonstration to show some of those benefits as well as a comparison between ISO noise and film grain with Rgrain. There are also color graded examples at the end of the video.

For examples, tutorials and more information please visit www.rgrain.com.

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