Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K & Lower Prices Announced

In early 2012 Rgrain (www.rgrain.com) released their first package of seven film grain overlays to make digital footage look like real film stock. They now have four packages with 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film grain plates – from 1080p to 6K.

Rgrain was one of the first affordable solution for those who wanted to add a “more organic” and “filmic” look to their digital footage. Adding grain in post can also help minimizing banding when encoding for video sharing websites like Vimeo.

You can check our previous coverage [HERE], [HERE] and [HERE].

Today Rgrain officially announced their latest product: “Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K” and also new lower prices for all their products.

Due to the great flexibility, benefits, ease of use and price point, these products seem to be a great tool for professionals and video enthusiasts.

Press Release

RGrain PRO 6K

Rgrain announces a new professional 35mm super high-resolution 6K film grain plate and new lower pricing for all their products.

Los Angeles, CA, May 8th, 2013 – A little over a year ago, Rgrain released the first truly affordable set of professional 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm ultra-realistic, digitally-created, film stock emulations for digital filmmakers.

Today, Rgrain is proud to announce “Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K:” a new ultra-high resolution 35mm film grain plate designed to instantly apply an organic and natural 35mm film grain texture to high-resolution footage from 1080P to 6K (6144×3160).

Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K is ready to be used with the latest high-resolution cinema cameras like: Red Epic / Scarlet Dragon, Sony F65-55, Arri Alexa’s, Canon EOS-1D C – C500, BlackMagic 4K and 2.5K. The 35mm PRO 6K also works great with all existing 1080P DSLR cameras.*

Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K is based on our most popular 35mm film grain plate “Rgrain 35mm Lush” included in all our 1080P packages. Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K is available for purchase today.


A 6K (6144×3160) 35mm film grain plate will allow digital compositors, colorists and editors to fine-tune the grain size and create various looks using a single 35mm plate.

Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K also works great with 5K, 4K, 2.5K and 1080P footage.

Watch the overview video here: http://rgrain.com/pro-35mm-6k-beyond-4k


Rgrain is more affordable than ever. We now offer four packages:

–  Rgrain “Essential” – A little bit of everything. Our most popular film grain plates in one package.
–  Rgrain “Complete” – The complete package. Every 1080P Rgrain plates and more!
–  Rgrain “35mm PRO 6K” – New Professional Ultra High-Resolution 35mm Rgrain Plate in 6K resolution (6144×3160) based on our most popular plate. (RG 35mm Lush)
–  Rgrain “Complete + 35mm PRO 6K” – The complete package. Every 1080P Rgrain plates plus the NEW 35mm PRO 6K plate.

For more information, video overviews and samples, please visit www.rgrain.com


*All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners.
Availability, prices, and specifications of all products are subject to change without notice.

Overview Video of Rgrain 35mm PRO 6K

This product is extremely affordable, as opposed to other solutions in the market. It renders faster than any plugin, since it’s only a clip (or set of clips, depending on your product choice) that you drag into the timeline of your NLE software, set the right blending mode (to “overlay”), opacity to your own taste, then render. And the results are quite amazing.

Now with the new “35mm Pro 6K” Rgrain offers a really flexible and amazing solution for those who want to add grain to their 1080p, 2.5K and 4K digital footage. Just check their video below:


For those still wondering “Why Adding Film Grain to Digital Footage“, we suggest to check this post and video tutorial.

In 2012 Rgrain also posted a great tutorial about workflow, grain and how to improve the overall quality of digital video. We think it’s really worth watching it:

Visit Rgrain website for more information, tutorials and samples.

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