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*EXTENDED* Software for Filmmakers: Silverstack LT H.264 – 40% Off

September 4, 2012


Silverstack LT H.264 - Promotion

UPDATE – October 1, 2012: We have been notified that this promotion was extended until October 31. Silverstack LT H.264 – Autumn Promotion With Silverstack LT H.264 you can get the little brother of Pomfort’s software flagship Silverstack SET, especially made for the organization and preparation of your DSLR video clips. The guys at Pomfort […]

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*EXTENDED* Film Grain: RGrain Summer Promotion – 30% Off

July 2, 2012

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Rgrain Summer Promotion - 30% OFF

UPDATE – July 16, 2012: We have been notified by Rgrain that this promotion was extended until July 20th! ___ In the past months we have posted about Rgrain, a very cool and also very affordable product that gives you the ability to easily add realistic film grain to your digital footage. You can read […]

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New 16mm & Super 8mm Packages from RGrain

March 26, 2012


New Rgrain Packages

One month ago we posted about Rgrain, a new product that gives you the ability to add film grain to your digital footage. You can read the original article with video examples and full details here: Rgrain – Film grain clips to make Digital Video look like Film. Rgrain has recently expanded its offerings by adding […]

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RGrain: Film grain clips to make Digital Video look like Film

February 23, 2012


Rgrain 35mm 250D

UPDATE – March 4, 2012: RGrain is offering a new pack: “Super 8mm Package” at $30. Please check www.RGrain.com for more details. UPDATE – February 27, 2012: RGrain is offering “Instant Vintage” Bonus Plate. It will be available until March 15th. Please check www.Rgrain.com for more details. ____ Rgrain (www.rgrain.com) just released a package of seven […]

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Using Stills to create Matte Painting Effects in your footage

February 16, 2011

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How to use stills to create simple matte painting effects for your DSLR footage

How to use stills to create simple matte painting effects for your DSLR footage This is another great video tutorial for people using HDSLR cameras for filmmaking purposes. Credits: Robino Films Quoted text from the video description: Taking stills before rolling your DSLR can save you a lot of time during post production when working […]

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USB Follow Focus Controller Released

January 28, 2011


USB Follow Focus Controller RELEASED!

Okii Systems LLC. has released today the Okii USB Follow Focus Controller for Canon HDSLR cameras. As mentioned earlier, this device can do MUCH more than controlling focus. We have opened a dedicated section called USB Focus Controller with full details, important information and some video tests for your convenience. SPECIAL DISCOUNT As previously announced, […]

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The Hidden Potential of 5D Mark II

February 7, 2010


Magic Lantern - Interview

Contents: Update Introduction Magic Lantern: Video Interview Conclusion UPDATE March 2nd, 2010: Canon announced the new firmware update 2.0.3 with the standard frame rates (23.976,25,29.97fps) and some few additional “extras”. That is a great update, long awaited and deserved for such a best seller camera. Unfortunately Canon didn’t implement some additional features, that ARE possible. […]

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Canon Firmware Updates – List of Fixes & Improvements

December 17, 2009


WHY to release Firmware Updates? Adding and improving functions and features via firmware updates on current Canon cameras would be a very smart and important action from a business point of view. Please note that many of the features mentioned here were already requested in the Petition to Canon Inc. since early 2009, signed by […]

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EOS 5D Mark II Features Request

September 28, 2009


EOS 5D Mark II Features Request

Contents: Introduction List of Features Requested List of Additional Filmmaking features The importance of Standard frame rates Information & Testimonials Can I help? INTRODUCTION This is a list of improvements that have been requested since months ago by lot (thousands) of customers around the world. Please check “I Called Canon” and previous posts to see […]

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