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“A Life Through Signatures” – 2011 Cannes Young Lions Film Competition

May 21, 2011


A Life Through Signatures - 2011 Cannes Lions Film Competition

“A Life Through Signatures” Chris Leising and Ben Majoy, currently working in Boulder, CO, have recently submitted a short to participate in The Young Lions Film Competition, held in Cannes during the Festival week. Guess what? It was shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. But the most important thing is that the competition […]

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Hack in Progress #1 – AGC disabled Firmware

May 16, 2009



HACK in Progress #1 AGC disabled firmware Thanks to the hard work of a member who got tired of waiting for Canon responses and actions, there is some progress in the process of disabling firmware locked functions. This is just the beginning. The demand for this Firmware Update is HUGE; what is Canon thinking in […]

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Petition to Canon Inc.

April 5, 2009


Searching for Sonny

Note: For updates please check later posts and the home page. Last edited: May 29, 2009 ANNOUNCEMENT Good news: After many (MANY) months Canon will release a firmware with “Full Manual Control” in video mode. The firmware should be available for download in June 2nd: – We want to THANK everyone that contributed in every […]

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