Frustration is Growing – Answer Required

April 26, 2009

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Comment by Anonymous, April 26, 2009:

Editor’s note: Although this comment may seem harsh or “rude”, it reflects the feeling of THOUSANDS of current customers. So we decided to post it.

Although I’m hoping for the best, Canon’s silence is curious. Canon is hurting themselves and their customers.

CANON can you hear us?

One of the following sentences would go a long way in helping you (Canon) and your 5D Mark II customers:

1. We are sorry, but firmware for manual controls for video is not coming on this model. It is technically possible, but it’s not something we are going to do in this model.

2. We are sorry, but firmware for manual controls for video is not coming. It is not technically possible.
(HOWEVER, this would be a BIG LIE, because the camera AE program is already managing the three values: Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. So what is only required is to rewrite some firmware code, not entirely at all, just small part of it, to let the user set these values manually, wich is much easier than writing a program to manage them all properly)

3. Due to the tremendous demand and response for this camera, we are working on a new firmware to add FULL MANUAL CONTROLS for video. We hope to have something available in the next (??) weeks. (then tell us what you are going to add for sure and what you are trying to add)

Canon, your silence is creating harsh feelings and driving away lens sales. It’s an economic shame for someone to sell a great product and then alienate a substantial portion of those customers over your refusal to answer a simple question. Just give us a yes or no answer to a firmware update for manual controls.

One of your top competitors, Nikon, has announced that they understand the excitement over the use of DSLR’s for Video and they are adding manual control to a few of their models for video. They see the light and they are doing a retro upgrade. Their new camera started shipping this week, and they announced an firmware upgrade.

While we are growing increasingly frustrated at your silence, we have been working around some of your shortcomings by using a Nikon manual lens. I purchased Nikon Lens adapters and yesterday purchased a 200mm prime Nikon Lens. I will continue to use my Canon L zoom lens for walking around shots but I am now watching my 2 Canon “L” Lenses sit on the table while I use 4 Nikon Lens to make money.

I have had the Camera for 5 months now. You have lost out of 2-3 lens sales during that time. Sorry. but it’s your own fault.

With the addition of Nikon lens, I have more choices when it comes time to buy another camera. You missed tying me into your brand by forcing me to buy Nikon lens.

Give us FULL MANUAL CONTROL now and then come out in 2 years with a new model that has even more video features (xlr audio, time code, maybe a better video codec and continuous full frame HDMI live out) and you will surely enjoy continued market leadership, success, and customer loyalty. You have good technology, you just need help on features.

Canon, here is one more piece of advice for you. If there is any doubt as to interest and market potential of this camera for video, then your people aren’t doing their job. Before NAB 2009, the internet chatter was huge. From the reports coming out of NAB, there were a substantial number of vendors exhibiting equipment to be used with your camera (and future DSLR’s). NAB was pretty quiet this year. However, the 5D Mark II was ALL OVER THE SHOW FLOOR. Major show, major buzz. You are selling a GAME CHANGER. If you don’t “get it” by now, then you need to seriously consider replacing some of your managers or at least send them back to business school and have them take “customer service 101” and “marketing 101”.

We are STUNNED by the beautiful imagery from this camera for Full HD video, but MORE stunned by the INABILITY to shoot consistent video for that purpose and by your subsequent SILENCE.

Just like the build up of buzz on the beautiful video imagery, the frustration buzz is GROWING. And this feeling is shared by THOUSANDS of customers.

Just give us (all your loyal customers who invested several thousands dollars in Canon equipment) an answer as we deserve!!”

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