On September 1st, Canon has released EOS 7D. It uses Digic 4 (as 5D Mark II) but 2, and it even includes:

1920 x 1080 (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps)
1280 x 720 (59.94, 50 fps)
640 x 480 (59.94, 50 fps)

Canon even fixed the 30.00 fps to the standard 29.97… and also added 720p


Is that IMPOSSIBLE in 5D Mark II? (NO, according to press report, see below)
What about THOUSANDS of requests from ALL ARDOUND THE WORLD for the 5D Mark II firmware update?
Are you still “LISTENING TO CUSTOMERS”?  What is going on?


If you care about 23.976/25/29.97 and LOT of other possible fixes via Firmware Update you can call Canon and make your voice heard:

– USA: 1-800-828-4040  /  1-800-OK-CANON
– CANADA:  1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666)
– UK: 0844 369 0100
List of European PRO Representatives:

If you contact Canon: be RESPECTFUL and handle the right and solid arguments. For your reference, please read NEXT POST too.

– Ask to register a “Feature request” for the 5D Mark II and to be entered in the system and leveraged to higher departments.
Your call IS important. EVERY effort in the right way can help.

You can still sign the Petition to Canon Inc. wich includes many improvements that can be still implemented in the 5D Mark II (and mention it when you call, BUT keep in mind that calling Canon is MUCH more effective than *only* signing or complaining online)


Check updated “List of Fixes & Improvements”, information and testimonials links at: 5D Mark II Features Request.

– What we strongly REQUEST:

  • FIX “at least” the current non standard 30.00 fps to the standard 29.97 fps as in 7D
  • Add these frame rates as in 7D: 29.97 / 25 / 23.976 fps (STANDARD 30,25 and 24p)
  • Add 720p mode at 29.97 fps. It will allow LONGER video recording time before reaching the 4GB file size limit
  • Improve AF contrast detection algorithm and/or ADD Focusing Aids (like Magic Lantern has done, and proven it is completely possible and extremelly useful). This is REALLY important and useful for video mode.
  • Add “Digital Zoom” and “Crop Sensor Video Mode” (“Sensor Windowing” recording function) allowing to record native 1920×1080 sensor’s area wich extremelly minimizes or even avoid “jello” effect and aliasing issues/arctifacts. This is very possible in a similar way that Zoom level x5 and x10 works to help manual focus
  • Add 720p mode at 59.94 fps if hardware possible
  • Add File Spanning Function (a new file is created when 4GB is reached without stop recording)
  • Allow Audio Manual Gain when recording video (so easy to fix…)
  • Add EDIT option in playback mode, allowing Cut and Save part of recorded video clip
  • Allow more frames in Bracketing mode (so easy fix…)
  • Allow (working) Auto ISO in Manual mode (for still photography)
  • FIX dropped frames bug that happens when aperture changes or in some other situations
  • FIX exposure shift / flashing that often happens when zooming
  • Add function to Remap” hot and stuck pixels. This is VERY important, and will save Canon Tech Support LOT of money and time. It’s an essential feature (we still don’t understand why it wasn’t already implemented)

Until now the 5D Mark II has not even a single frame rate compatible with any other video camera made by Canon, 7D included !! That’s why we “AT LEAST” request the standard 29.97 fps.


From other blog:

“Reader Eugenia commented (..) that she’d called Canon’s product feedback line and politely requested a choice of HD video frame rates on the 5D MarkII.”

If you care about 24p support on the 5D Mark II and would like to see it added in a future firmware update, PLEASE DO THE SAME.

Eugenia wrote:

“I called (800) 828-4040, for the US. I pressed then the 3rd option, and the guy was set up to take feedback immediately…”

She requested both 23.976 and 25 fps modes, as well as the standard 29.97 fps.

Please do call and make your voice heard. There are definitely enough of us who care about this to encourage Canon to take the decision.


According to a Press Conference Report in Japan, a single Digic 4 is capable of handling 24p and 60p:

It also tells that Canon didn’t take a decision yet, regarding the 5D Mark II.

In that conference appears Dr. Masami Kawasaki, President and CEO Canon Marketing and Masaya Maeda Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations

Questions & Answers

This is a WORLDWIDE effort to encourage Canon to improve what CAN be improved. It will benefit everyone, Canon included. After all, customers are EVERYTHING for a company. Without customers’ purchases and loyalty, the company wouldn’t survive.

Q: WHAT WOULD CANON GET improving the Firmware?
A: MORE SALES on an already designed camera wich is already in production and has been the best seller over 9 months, so no extra costs needed to keep the profit.

Q: Isn’t that a GREAT deal?
A: Of course!

Q: Would it keep Canon on TOP of DSLR market, also at good place in competition with RED?
A: Absolutely!

Q: How do we contact or let Canon know about what we need and request?
A: You can CALL Canon, it’s the best and fastest way. You can also contact Canon by online support and ask that your request be forwarded to the product manager. Be respectful, explain valid arguments and also what you think.

Read the previous post and the next post before contacting Canon.

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