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New Firmware at Tech Service Centers

February 28, 2010


CONFIRMED (this is not a rumor): We got full confirmation that the new firmware for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is already available at Canon Tech Service centers since 1st or 2nd week of February (depending on each center/country). But they are not allowed to update cameras until March 17th. We will update this […]

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5D Mark II Firmware Release Coming

February 25, 2010


According to CanonRumors the announcement was briefly on-line at Canon UK website. We got not one but many confirmations that the release was imminent, and it was intentionally delayed, as we already posted many times before, so this date could be the “final” and “official”. Let’s hope Canon give us the FULL featured firmware release […]

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Make your voice Heard

February 24, 2010


A SMALL CAMPAIGN We started this “small” but still effective campaign many weeks ago when Canon announced the EOS 550D including MANY of our requests for the 5D Mark II, but we think it would be good to make this campaign more “official” now through this post. A fact: the Firmware for 5D Mark II […]

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The Hidden Potential of 5D Mark II

February 7, 2010


Magic Lantern - Interview

Contents: Update Introduction Magic Lantern: Video Interview Conclusion UPDATE March 2nd, 2010: Canon announced the new firmware update 2.0.3 with the standard frame rates (23.976,25,29.97fps) and some few additional “extras”. That is a great update, long awaited and deserved for such a best seller camera. Unfortunately Canon didn’t implement some additional features, that ARE possible. […]

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