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We started this “small” but still effective campaign many weeks ago when Canon announced the EOS 550D including MANY of our requests for the 5D Mark II, but we think it would be good to make this campaign more “official” now through this post.

A fact: the Firmware for 5D Mark II is already made, waiting on the desk and even getting dusty…

It will come with some important improvements like “standard” 24/25/30 modes, and more (yes, not all what they could give, sadly that’s something we already expected), so we keep on requesting all around the world.

Let Canon know what we 5D2 customers feel and NEED (politely, but clearly):

Post your comment there. It only takes a moment (do not copy and paste other’s comment because it will be marked as spam)

We do NOT want a 5D Mark 3, but the firmware update to the existing 5D Mark 2, that CAN be made (in fact it is already) with MANY fixes and improvements to match cheaper and even entry-level DSLR’s video features (24/25/30, 720p50/60, AutoISO limit, EDIT option for video in playback mode, Crop Video, etc.)

If you check carefully our List of Fixes & Features and the Petition to Canon Inc., we are also requesting some “STILL-ONLY” features since the beginning of 2000, like AutoISO limit (recently implemented in the 550D), and even more frames for Bracketing.

AutoISO limit and Crop Video mode are in our list since LOT of months ago. Canon is taking our ideas (and we’re glad about that) but still doesn’t give them to 5D2 users (and that is not really professional)

We think that people (amateurs, professionals and even studios) who invested thousands of dollars in Canon gear deserve better and more professional attention.

Those fixes & improvements are completely possible via firmware (purely software related). They don’t need any hardware change at all.

Thanks for joining.

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