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October 25, 2010

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Color correction is one of the first things everyone needs to know how to do well. It is an essential step, for both stills and video, to achieve good final results.

Below you will find a link to a list of some free available and helpful video tutorials that explain the basic use of the 3-way color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro and some other color correction methods in After Effects and Photoshop as well.

We hope you enjoy them (the link is dynamic, so the content may change over time).

Check the list of video tutorials by clicking here.

Note: If you are new to this kind of software, be aware that these products are available for Mac or PC in different versions (some products have more than one version or package), and they are also sold as separate products or in suites like Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium (for Mac or PC).

If you plan to buy any of them, we suggest to carefully check the content of each package or production suite to know if it fits your needs, and also the system requirements for each product.

Thanks to Esteban Aguilera.

Esteban Aguilera
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