Mode Dial Lock Upgrade

Canon has recently announced a Mode Dial hardware (optional) upgrade for owners of Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D. It is already available for USA residents.

According to Canon Product Advisory: “The modification is intended to prevent the Mode Dial from accidentally moving, once set to a particular exposure mode by the user.”

We must note that we NEVER had such a problem with the Mode Dial in any situation at all. It’s pretty sturdy indeed, and we love it since you can change the shooting mode with one hand in a snap. Maybe the mentioned problem is only present on some production batches. We couldn’t tell so far.

What Canon SHOULD fix without a doubt is the Battery Grip knob and design (more on this later).

From Canon USA website:

“Effective December 6, 2010, Canon will start to provide as a chargeable service, a locking mode dial modification for the “EOS 5D MarkII” and “EOS 7D” digital single-lens reflex cameras.

This modification is available, for a fee, to owners of these cameras who would prefer a Mode Dial which locks in place and can’t be accidentally moved during normal camera operation.

For USA residents, the pricing of the locking mode dial modification service for EOS 5D Mark II and 7D cameras has been set at $100 per camera as of December, 2010. (Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.) For further details, see contact information for inquiries below.”

Check the full official Product Advisory here.


Canon SHOULD fix all Battery Grips TOO, which are nicely built, but using a PLASTIC knob (engaging metallic gears) to attach to the camera body, thus giving a potential cause of failure (we have had this problem, as so many other users).

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE: the battery grip design prevents it from disassembling when it’s attached to the camera body, so… when the knob breaks or get stuck inside the battery grip, it CANNOT be removed easily (at all).

TWO big build & design mistakes:

1-Using plastic knob instead of metallic one on battery grips that cost over $230
2-Not possible to disassemble the battery grip when it’s attached to the camera.

These same mistakes repeat in all current Canon battery grips for DSLR cameras.

At least Canon should spend few more dollars on a metallic knob… and improve the design too, allowing to disassemble the grip even when attached to the camera.

Do not misunderstand us: the battery grip is great, and even necessary for lot of tasks (and even better comfort), but be careful and avoid over-tighten the knob.

There is an online store called USCamera which provides the replacement part for the battery grip (original from Canon, obviously with a plastic knob too), in case you don’t have any official Tech Service to take your camera to (or if they don’t know how to remove the battery grip; unbelievable but possible…) and you can remove it by yourself (not easy at all, but possible). Obviously the easiest (but not always possible) solution is to send the camera+battery grip to an official Canon service center.

This is an amazing easy to fix build issue (at least using a metallic knob), but the grip is STILL being made the same way since so many years ago by Canon…

Here is the link to the replacement part for the 5D Mark II’s Battery grip (BG-E6):

If you need a different part, just send them an e-mail. Very friendly people.


When is Canon going to open an “easy, clear and direct” channel to get users feedback and suggestions (that really works)? We don’t know, but indeed we already suggested it too.

As we always say: WHY Canon doesn’t offer non-free upgrades to Firmware (Software) improving some of the features/functions too? Just like most software companies do. If the cameras can be improved (they actually CAN) and IF Canon can’t offer it for free, then offer it as an option!

LOT of people are willing to pay for such kind of firmware upgrades. Just take a look at what Magic Lantern has already done and the enthusiasm around that project to bring the hidden potential of the great EOS 5D Mark II to their users.

It’s even smart from a business point of view: List of Fixes and Improvements.

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