USB Follow Focus Controller Released

Okii Systems LLC. has released today the Okii USB Follow Focus Controller for Canon HDSLR cameras. As mentioned earlier, this device can do MUCH more than controlling focus.

We have opened a dedicated section called USB Focus Controller with full details, important information and some video tests for your convenience.


As previously announced, the manufacturer kindly allowed us to give a COUPON CODE to get a discount of $50 to all those readers interested to buy it.

Please check the USB Focus Controller section for the coupon code and more details.


It is very important to understand that this is not a mechanical follow focus, but a USB one, with its advantages and limitations (the real limitations are due to Canon’s USB implementation).

To fully understand the capabilities and benefits of the Okii USB Follow Focus controller, you should read the following:

Once you really understand HOW the controller works, then you start taking advantage of its capabilities. It is VERY important to configure the controller to your specific camera and lens to avoid confusion. So take a bit of time reading the instructions.



You will find lot of additional information, feedback and some video tests on the previously mentioned section. Please also check the manufacturer website for even more detailed technical information and pictures of the product.

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