EOS 7D Firmware 1.2.5 REMOVED

April 20, 2011

EOS 7D, Firmware Updates

Today Canon UK has removed firmware version 1.2.5 for theĀ EOS 7D from their website.

Yesterday we wrote an article about this new release available for download. Pretty weird it was only available at Canon UK. But even more strange that it was removed less than 1 day after we posted about it!

As we mentioned earlier, there was another weird thing: version 1.2.5 referred to a previous version (1.2.4) that was not widely (if officially) released.

We wonder… was a bug found on it?

Did Canon change their mind and are willing to add new features like disabling AGC to give manual audio control? (very unlikely to happen even when it’s so easy, but we all hope so)

Still no answers. So far, the “new” firmware version 1.2.5 is not available anymore.

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