FEATURES REQUEST: HOW to tell Canon what YOU need!

NAB 2011: Chuck Westfall - Canon USA - Features request

Since the beginning we have been following and supporting all possible campaigns requesting improvements for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and other Canon HDSLR cameras. So we contacted Chuck Westfall at Canon USA on this regard (read below).

On April 21 James Drake posted a VERY interesting article: How YOU can change the Canon 5D Mark III right now!

Few days later our friends at Planet5D spread the finding with their article: A Call to Action – tell Canon what you want in your next HDSLRs

This is part of the post by James Drake:

Have you ever found yourself wishing your Canon DSLR had a few extra features on the video setting? Probably, video on DSLR is far from perfect. Now is your chance to voice your opinion and change the future of filmmaking with DSLRs as we know it, again.

I was trolling Vimeo and came across a great interview from the PVC with Chuck Westfall, Canon’s media spokesman. (Go to 4:18 for the relevant portion)

In his post James also writes:

There’s a quote in here that should put every single cinematographer that’s ever used a Canon HDSLR into immediate action:

“Customers who are interested in [digital cinematography] should be thinking about two things, 1) if they haven’t told [Canon] what they’re looking for, by all means let us know and 2) they should be aware that we are very responsive and we’re going to do our best to make sure they’re happy.”
-Chuck Westfall, at 4:18.

Interview with Chuck Westfall – NAB 2011 – by Clint Milby

NAB 2011: Chuck Westfall – Canon USA by Clint Milby.

HOW can we all tell Canon what we need and want?

After reading the above articles and watching the video, we decided to contact Chuck Westfall (Canon Advisor, Technical Information. ITC Group Professional Engineering & Solutions I Division), to ask him:

What are the best ways for Canon users/customers to tell what they are looking for and what they need to Canon?”

His answer was:

“USA-based customers can send their product feature requests or suggestions by e-mail to:  carecenter /at/ cits /dot/ canon /dot/ com

Very good, a direct e-mail address to send your features request! (email address “masked” to avoid spam)

Don’t miss this opportunity, tell Canon what YOU need and what YOU are looking for!

It is very important to understand that community actions do bring results (as it has been already proven in the past), and Canon seems to be interested to know what users and customers are really looking for.

Spend some minutes to tell your needs to Canon, it CAN make a difference!

You can find some of our suggestions in the List of Fixes & Improvements posted long ago.

Cover image credit: snapshot from the video by Clint Milby

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