Professional USB Controller for Canon HDSLR coming soon

Professional controller for filmmakers

UPDATE – November 21, 2011: Okii Systems has released the MC1. Please check the Press Release and additional information.

UPDATE – November 20, 2011: We posted a video showing some features, check it below.

Some months ago we were invited for the beta testing process of a new device. We can’t disclose full details yet, but we’re allowed to post some preview information.

This new device is designed for professional use on rig supports but it can also be used as a traditional remote control.

It has some unique specifications and features:

  • Compact and strong design, suitable for both professional and indie filmmakers
  • Ability to be mounted on most kind of rigs for easy run & gun setup thanks to multiple mounting options
  • Versatility, ease of use with dedicated buttons
  • Very nice set of features including: Start/Stop video recording, still image capturing, ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed adjustment
  • Extra Auto-start function, which allows you to record video passing the 4GB file size limit
  • Works on all current Canon DSLR cameras with video capturing capability
  • Works via USB, so you don’t need to worry about optic fibers, IR signals, sunlight potential issues, etc.


The USB Controller is fully compatible with the following cameras:

The official announcement is coming very soon. More information on the way! Stay tuned.

Some features in action

Picture at top: Prototype of the new controller without any label nor brand. Production units will have brand name, marks, labels, etc.

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