Okii Systems Products Now Distributed by Zacuto

UPDATE – 2013: You can buy all Okii products at B&H, Zacuto Store and Okii System website.

Discount: There is currently an offer of $50 off on the Okii FC1 USB controller.

Zacuto Worldwide Distributor of Okii Systems

March 21, 2012 – You can read the official press release [HERE]:

Zacuto USA is now the proud worldwide distributer of Okii Systems products. In case you aren’t familiar with the company, Okii Systems specializes in building remote control devices and other accessories for Canon EOS DSLR cameras. In other words, they make the stuff that DSLR filmmakers are looking for. The company is owned and operated by William Paul Tadao Roberson, a computer science graduate of North Carolina State University.

“Okii Systems is pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Zacuto USA, an industry leader in high quality, originally designed camera accessories,” says Roberson. “Our controllers are an excellent fit with Zacuto’s product line. Additionally, Zacuto’s worldwide, exclusive distribution of our controllers and accessories will introduce Okii to a dynamic and growing audience of photographers and videographers. Loyalty, honesty, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstone of Okii Systems, and Zacuto shares this same commitment and zeal.”

The concept behind Okii Systems came from one of Roberson’s family trips to Japan. Will’s background in embedded systems design and enthusiasm for photography coincided with his brother-in-law Fabio Cordoso’s expertise in filmmaking. Fabio currently runs 3Toad Films and Love Sick Video Journalism in Honolulu, Hawaii. While lugging multiple cameras around Tokyo, Will and Fabio realized that a controller that leveraged Canon’s USB implementation could potentially replace a mechanical follow focus, while providing a whole range of additional functions. This is where Okii Systems began.

One of Okii’s most popular products is the FC1 USB Focus Controller. The FC1 USB Focus Controller connects to your Canon EOS DSLR camera via USB cable and uses the autofocus motor in lenses to control focus. The FC1 does function while recording video and also works in any Live View modes, which can be useful for photography. The HDMI output can still be used in tandem with the controller as well. The nine other switches located around the central focus knob can be used to access important camera functions, such as video start/stop, digital zoom, saving focus points, and adjusting camera settings.

If you don’t need focus control but still want remote video start/stop, digital zoom, and settings changes, the MC1 USB Mini Controller is another option from Okii. The MC1 also connects to your Canon EOS DSLR through a USB cable and easily mounts to your camera rig, providing easy access to your camera functions. The MC1 can also control ISO, aperture, and shutter speed but not while the camera is recording.Check out this demo and review of the FC1 and MC1 from Gray Jones of www.tvwriterpodcast.com:

Either one of these devices can be attached to your Zgrips with the new Zacuto Okii Bracket. The Okii Bracket will mount your Okii controller to the perfect position where your thumb can get to all of the buttons. The bracket attaches to the Okii with two ¼” 20 button cap screws and screws directly into your Zgrip. For people who do not own Zgrips, Okii also has several of their own mounting solutions, however, the Okii products mounts need to be mounted to a rod that is perpendicular or parallel to where you want the remote to sit. The Zacuto Okii Bracket mounts directly to our grip and still allows for all the articulation and sturdiness that the Zgrips are known for. With the Zacuto Bracket, the remote won’t move at all making it yet another solid piece of your kit.

Okii Systems was discovered by Zacuto Product Designer, Patrick Fee, while searching for a solution for pulling focus on the Zacuto Recoil rig.

“Steve wanted the Recoil rigs to work with DSLR cameras,” says Fee. “But with the camera way up on your shoulder on a Recoil, starting/stopping the camera and making adjustments isn’t very easy. With the C300 Recoil we could just move the handle off of the camera and relocate it to the grips, but for the DSLR cameras we needed to find something to control the camera down at the grips. The Okii USB remote ended up being the perfect answer. Jens and I developed a simple bracket to attach the Okii remote to our Z-Grips and that was it. Now we have a complete recoil rig with camera controls right at the user’s fingertips. It changes the way we operate!”

“The Okii System Remote extends our never been done before Recoil rig concept, of a camera body on the shoulder with no counterweight needed to DSLR’s,” says Product Designer, Jens Bogehegn. ”Now the rigs can be smaller, lighter and more stable than ever.”

Much like Zacuto products, all Okii Systems products are made in the USA. Will Roberson designs the circuit boards and writes the software in North Carolina. The circuit boards are produced in Texas and the CAD and CNC machining is done in Nebraska.

Look for these products and more at www.zacuto.com. If you would like more information on any Okii products please contact the Zacuto sales department or your local authorized Zacuto reseller.

Images credits: Zacuto USA & Okii Systems

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