Tutorial: Professional workflow for finishing 8bit HDSLR footage & applying Film Grain

 Rgrain tutorial: Professional workflow

Rgrain has recently uploaded a very nice tutorial that will help editors (and HDSLR shooters who like to edit) to get better results when grading and applying grain to their digital footage. Simple steps, yet essential to get the best possible quality. Very helpful information.

If you still don’t know what Rgrain is, you can find lot of information in our previous articles: RGrain: Film grain clips to make Digital Video look like Film and New 16mm & Super 8mm Packages from RGrain. You can also find lot of examples and tutorials at www.rgrain.com.

Coupon code

Additionally, we were told by Rgrain that there is a coupon available until April 19, 2012.

The coupon will give $15 off from either Rgrain Complete or Rgrain Standard package so the “Complete” will be $84 and the “standard” $55. Very nice deal.

The coupon is: 63657377

Video Tutorial

Quote from Rgrain’s tutorial on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/39979623) :

This tutorial demonstrates how to cleanup 8bit DSLR footage, render to a 10Bit codec for more freedom during color grading and how to apply film grain.

This workflow uses After Effects, Neat Video, Synthetic Aperture Color Finess, Colorista II and ProRes. You can adapt the workflow using your own tools and codecs, this technique is the one we used for all our examples.

Applying film grain on top of ISO noise and compression macro blocking will only make your footage dirtier.* Use this workflow or something similar to cleanup your footage before applying any film grain.

*If you are using the latest DSLRs like the Canon 5D MKIII or the new Nikons their encoders are a bit better than the older models and require less cleaning, sometimes none. Under-exposing any DSLRs will result in compression noise.

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