*IN-STOCK* EOS 5D Mark III at B&H without “top LCD light leak” issue

Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Pre-Order at B&H

UPDATE – June 19, 2012: Canon EOS 5D Mark III and BG-E11 Battery Grip are currently In-Stock at B&H.

UPDATE – June 8, 2012: Canon EOS D Mark III is currently In-Stock at B&H (Limited Quantity!) Check it [HERE].

UPDATE – May 15, 2012: Canon EOS D Mark III is currently In-Stock at B&H (Limited Quantity!) Check it [HERE].

UPDATE – May 1, 2012: B&H is currently shipping pre-orders!

Few days ago we got confirmation from B&H that this week they will receive a new shipment of Canon EOS 5D Mark III bodies without the “top LCD light leak” issue.

We were concerned about posting and suggesting to pre-order the 5D Mark III until we had additional information and confirmation about the new shipment. We didn’t like the idea of suggesting to buy a camera with any possible issue, even if that issue is very small and may not affect most users.

So the good news is that according to B&H they will receive a shipment of 5D Mark III bodies without that issue (please note that according to Canon’s Product Advisory the affected cameras are only those with specific serial numbers. Check it here for more details).

Remember that you can also take advantage of the “Double Instant Rebates” available for lenses when purchasing together.

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that pre-orders are shipped to customers in the order they’re received by B&H and the stock will be in limited quantity, so it’s not guaranteed that your pre-order will be shipped within this batch. Although we assume that all future batches will also be free of this small issue.

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