Okii FC1 USB & MC1 USB Controllers – Coupon Code

We have been notified by Okii Systems that there is currently a coupon code to get $25 off when purchasing the FC1 USB Focus Controller and/or MC1 USB Mini Controller at the manufacturer website.

For more details, full specifications, sample videos and user guides, please check the www.okii.net.

We strongly recommend to watch the included video reviews and tutorials below on this article. They provide very helpful explanation and demonstration of how these controllers work and how to take advantage of their great features.

As mentioned on earlier posts these devices are very strong and versatile. They were designed for professional use, either mounted on your rig, next to your handle, or to control your camera from the distance when it’s mounted on a jib, crane or any kind of support.

They are currently the most compact, versatile and reliable options to remotely control video and photography functions of Canon DSLR cameras.

These controllers are now also being distributed by Zacuto and available at B&H.

It’s worth mentioning that Okii Systems also offers additional professional products and accessories like the Function Micro Clamp and Function Extendable Handle which are fully compatible with any industry standard 15mm rod system.


The Okii FC1 USB Focus Controller and Okii MC1 USB Mini Controller are fully compatible with the following cameras:


The coupon code to get $25 off is:  okii25

You can buy any of these products at www.okii.net.


For those who still don’t know these controllers, this is an excellent video review and tutorial made by Gray Jones, showing and explaining the Okii FC1 USB and Okii MC1 USB controllers:

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7dv4lPF6Fc

Another very nice review provided by Stephen Wollwerth Films, including test footage shot using the Okii FC1 USB:

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajcbex5bftY

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