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Canon EOS 7D Mark 2 – Possible Specifications

August 28, 2014


Canon 7D2R

  Since there isn’t much “confirmed” information about the upcoming Canon 7D Mark II around there (yet), below we list what we got so far. Remember: this is not confirmed yet and some specs/features may be wrong or partially wrong. This post will be updated as we get nearer the announcement date and get more […]

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UPDATE 3: Canon PowerShot G1X Coming Soon? (“Mirrorless” option?) – Leak Removed from site

January 5, 2012


Canon PowerShot G1X

  – UPDATE #3 – January 9, 2012: The new Canon PowerShot G1X has been announced and indeed it features a very big 1.5″ sensor, which is very close to APS-C size, larger than Micro Four Thirds (4/3″) and much larger than Nikon CX mirrorless system. It is also available for pre-order! CHECK THIS ARTICLE to […]

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New Firmware at Tech Service Centers

February 28, 2010


CONFIRMED (this is not a rumor): We got full confirmation that the new firmware for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is already available at Canon Tech Service centers since 1st or 2nd week of February (depending on each center/country). But they are not allowed to update cameras until March 17th. We will update this […]

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5D Mark II Firmware Release Coming

February 25, 2010


According to CanonRumors the announcement was briefly on-line at Canon UK website. We got not one but many confirmations that the release was imminent, and it was intentionally delayed, as we already posted many times before, so this date could be the “final” and “official”. Let’s hope Canon give us the FULL featured firmware release […]

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