Hack Progress #3 – Zebra stripes

New Hack Progress: Zebra stripes

Zebra stripes

An amazing improvement: Zebra stripes showing the overexposed areas of the scene while recording video (not recorded in the real video file)

Some Questions…

– If an only-person effort made this almost possible (still not available for people’s use but already running properly) along with Onscreen Audio metering bar and automatic audio gain control disabled in just 2-3 weeks (and without having the source code), WHY Canon does not offer any kind of improvements that are REALLY possible to implement?

There are LOT of improvements that can be done…

– Is it because they have no new ideas nor imagination or because it is not of their interest?…




Would you like to help?:

– Share and spread all the information posted on this blog and everything else you have as much as possible. The ┬ámore spreaded, the more chances that Canon do something…

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